Airborne Australian Shepherds
Raechelle Embrey~ Fairfield, PA~ 301-606-5244
November 6, 2003- July 05, 2012
Willie, AKA, Willie Wonka or Bernie,  is our honorary Aussie.  Really, he is a Lab/Chow/St.Bernard Mix.  He came to me at 6 weeks
of age with a heart condition called, Tetralogy of Fallot.  This is a very serious condition where his heart and lungs do not allow
his blood to be oxygenated properly.  There is no treatment for this condition in dogs.  Only an experimental surgery, which we
were told to date that not one dog made it past 48 hours post surgery.  
We were told at the time that he would have very little quality of life and be lucky to live past five years of age.  Well, Willie lived
to be 8.5 years old!  He was a trooper right to the end and fortunately, did not have to suffer for very long.  He went into
congestive heart failure on Sunday July 2.  We tried some meds to help him, but his condition progressed so quickly.  He let us
know when it was time.  We miss him so much!  His personality was very big in this house.  I am ever so grateful to have had such
a wonderful, bold and beautiful dog to be a part of my life for 8 years.  We love you Willie and miss you so much!  But, we know
you are free and running without any physical limitation anymore.  
Australian Shepherds