Airborne Australian Shepherds
Raechelle Embrey~ Fairfield, PA~ 301-606-5244
Rhythm has legs on the following:
( 2 legs AKC RN,  2 legs RMX, 1 REM leg, 2 legs HXAs, 1 HXAd, 1 GS-E leg, 1 NA leg, 1 NAJ leg)

Rhythm is just one of those very special dogs that came along and feel into my lap at just the right time.  I really needed a nice, honest
dog like her and I got it.  She always gives me everything she has.  She is willing do anything I ask of her because she genuinely wants
to please me.  Together, we have been able to become a great team and I feel that there is still much more to come of Rhythm.
She has an immediate 'off' switch if needed and great natural focus.  She has one of the most balanced temperaments I have come
across.  Rhythm has helped me overcome many lessons and is very forgiving of my weaknesses as her handler.  Rhythm focuses much
of her time on herding,  agility, Rally, and obedience.  I am so happy that Rhythm came into my life to show me what teamwork is really

Some of Rhythm's accomplishments include:
~ Second in the Open Blue Class at the 2010 USASA National Specialty (owner handled)
~ HIT her first time in AKC Rally with a perfect score of 100 at the 2010 USASA National Specialty
~BOB from the classes over multiple nationally ranked specials
~5 High In Trial Aussie Awards in only her second weekend of trialing in ASCA from the Open and Advanced sheep and duck classes.
~13 HIT Awards in ASCA Rally 197-204.
~ #4 In ASCA Open Obedience Finals for 2010-2011 with an average of 197 in just 3 straight runs.
~ #10 Merit Award Winner for OTDd 2010-2011 in two runs.
~#8 Merit Award Winner for Open Obedience 2010-2011 in 3 straight runs.
~2011 ASCA Nationals Open Obedience finals Winner!!!!
~ # 11 Merit for Open Cattle 2010-2012 from just one weekend of trials.

Rhythm also assists me with my work to help dogs with excessive fear and aggression issues.  She is one of a kind
and is the most biddable, reliable girl I could ever ask for.  
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Date of Birth~ 2/19/08
Height~ 19.25"            Weight~ 40 lbs
Hips & Elbows~ OFA Good/ Normal         
Eyes~ CERF Cleared Jan 2012
HSF4~ Clear/Copy     MDR1~ Normal/Normal
Scissors bite with full dentition
Bred By Ashley Roeser, Co-owned with Sandra Czarny
SVCH WTCH VCH PCH CH Cattail Ridge Rockin' N' Rollin'  JHD, HTADIIIs, HRDIII,
Rhythm taking second in the Open Blue Class at USASA Nationals!
Rhythm winning 2011 ASCA Open Obedience Finals!!!!
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