Airborne Aussies
Raechelle Embrey~ Fairfield, PA~ (301) 606-5244
Sandyoaks Wigglebutt Jaxx JHD, STDsc, OTDd
August 21, 2006- April 2, 2012
My "Mooshy" and my heart dog.
Each of these dogs has taken a piece of my heart when they
left my side.  I will always remember them for what they
taught me and the smiles they brought me.
December 1997- October 26, 2012
You started it all old man, and you were the best!  
November 6, 2003- July 05, 2012
You were a miracle in itself and taught me how to except all that you
can not control.  
Airborne's Rhythm of The Night
You were a gorgeous girl whose life ended all too soon.